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Moshi Rural District, Tanzania

Kibosho Hospital promotes quality health care to the community in the Kibosho cachment area through primary health care and curative services. The goal of the hospital is to sensitize the community of Kibosho Hospital in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support.

Kibosho-CSRAI Project

Currently CSRAI helps to support 12 womens groups in the Kibosho area of Moshi Rural district.  CSRAI provides this support through RAINBOW CENTRE located in the town of Moshi.  RAINBOW CENTRE's mission is to provide quality health care to the community, through counselling information and support.  Kibosho is an area much like other parts of Tanzania, where the the amount of children being affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis seems insurmountable.  Yet, 12 women's groups have taken on the challenge of providing school supplies, school fees, and sometimes even food for OVC who have no one else to turn to.  These women's groups are supported by several men who have donated land to be used for their activities. 

With the help of CSRAI through RAINBOW CENTRE, this year these groups have successfully run and maintained piggeries which has helped to provide the basic necessities to OVC in their care.  With the profits from these projects, some of the groups have been able to supply additional support to widows and HIV positive people living in the area.  Others have expanded their projects, by purchasing more pigs to breed, buying chickens, selling eggs and even buying cows.  Many of the women expressed that without the support from CSRAI the money to maintain the piggeries would have come from their own pockets (which are already stretched too thin).  The women of KIBOSHO send their immense gratitude through flowers placed on the piggeries in honour of CSRAI and the donors who have supported them.


Flowers on piggery - a thank you to CSRAI donors from the women's groups of Kibosho

 Bonnie Gray,CSRAI Board Member and former President visits Kibosho Hospital in 2007:


KIBOSHO visit Bonnie Gray



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