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Himo, Tanzania

Kisuluni has received financial, technical and other forms of support from CSRAI for a number of years, in partnership with The Rotary Club of Toronto, which has also made a number of connections with schools, hospitals and community groups in the region.

Currently, Kisuluni has 240 students enrolled. There are nine classrooms in total, with five teachers, a vice principal and principal serving as staff. Principal Joseph Lyaruu has worked tirelessly not only to administer the school, but to build partnerships with organizations such as CSRAI and Rotary in order to sustain the school's continuing efforts to improve the quality of life for it's children.

Schools are essential links in rural communities for orphans and vulnerable children. Acting often as the children's sole provider of nutritional meals, counseling and training, Kisuluni is an ideal example of such a community link.

Kisuluni-CSRAI Projects


Since 2005 (when CSRAI first contacted Kisuluni Primary School, having been told of its dire conditions) every aspect of the school and the environment for its students has now been dramatically improved. Many repaired classrooms and new accommodations for teachers have physically transformed the structure into a learning environment that is the pride of the community, and most importantly for the students, teachers and Principal, Joseph Lyaruu.

In early 2008 the final improvements were completed, including access to water and electricity. For the third year in a row the Toronto Rotarians and friends, led by Chris Snyder and Tom Sears, worked on site to complete renovations as part of their Sweat Equity venture to improve many aspects of life in the Kilema community.


In 2007 participants of the Sweat Equity team took their support to improving education for this community to a new level. With significant support from the Eastern Northumberland Secondary School, led by Principal Steve Truelove, 30 most-in-need students from Kisuluni Primary and three other surrounding schools were provided with bursaries enabling them to continue to secondary school. In 2008 this program has doubled in size with over 60 student bursaries. This was made possible by continued support of ENSS; Anne Fisher, Susan Little and Pat Snyder’s Annual Women’s African Night Fundraiser; Jackie Davies and Paul Truelove Dinner; and the dedicated support of the entire Sweat Equity team.

Kisiluni Bursary Reicpients


Kisuluni Bursary Recipients



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