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Mwanga District, Tanzania

KIWAMWAKU'v vision is that the community of the Mwanga District becomes free from new infections of HIV/AIDS and provides support and care for all vulnerable groups. The organization exists in order to educate the district's population about the prevention of new infections and give support to People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and Single Mothers.


CSRAI is funding the expansion of the organization's successful Youth Clubs to four new districts. The Clubs strengthen and promote relevant life management, education curriculum and HIV/AIDS protection in schools and after school.

Females have been widely identified as the disadvantaged gender of the HIV/AIDS crises.  Women, especially in sub-Saharan Africa are socially, culturally, and even biological more vulnerable to contracting or being affected by HIV/AIDS. That is why organizations like Kiwamwaku are vital to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Kiwamwaku directs much of its attention and resources to mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on young women in the area.  Kiwamwaku provides vocational skills to young mothers and teenage girls. They also train peer educators and home-based care providers to reach those members of the community who are unable or unwilling to make the trip to the centre. With the support of CSRAI, Kiwamwaku has provided care and support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in the area and to the young mothers being trained in vocational skills.

Recently, CSRAI Treasurer Janet Lamb visited the OVC that KIWAMWAKU is supporting:


Janet visits KIWAMWAKU




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