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West Old-Moshi, East Old-Moshi, Mbokomu Wards, Tanzania

SAKUVI's mission is to foster a community knowledgeable about the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and supportive to people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans, and vulnerable children. The organization's mission is to prevent further spreading of HIV/AIDS through peer education, counseling, home-based care and community mobilization.

Sakuvi-CSRAI Project

Dedicated to community education and youth involvement, Sakuvi operates in the Kiboriloni district of Kilimanjaro. Sakuvi delivers messages of anti-stigma, prevention and protection to hundreds of community members through its youth volunteers and peer educators. With the support of CSRAI, Sakuvi is providing job skills training to disadvantaged youth in the area. It is through dedication and commitment to education that this youth centre is able to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS in their community.

However, the increasing number of community members wanting to receive education and knowledge about the disease has recently put a strain on SAKUVI's space and capacity.  Sakuvi realizes the need to engage youth through new technology to deliver awareness and knowledge but at this time, SAKUVI’s finances are not sufficient to meet this need. Continued help from CSRAI will help SAKUVI realize its goal.

Sakuvi primary school training session, increasing the knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention among peers:


Sakuvi training



Sewing machines provided through CSRAI for SAKUVI's vocational training programs:


SAKUVI sewing machines



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