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Huruma Hospital, Rombo District, Tanzania

Tumaini Centre provides a range of services to individuals suffering from and impacted by HIV/AIDS. One of the Centre's goals is to feed all the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the Rombo District and support them in school until they have completed vocational training or secondary school - to date, their outreach program has reached 2,000 children in the area.

Run by "Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Kilimanjaro" and with strong ties to local parishes and businesses, through its community network Tumaini provides nutritious meals, regula check-ups and support for the neediest of the district's children.

Tumaini-CSRAI Nutrition Project

The Sisters have taken on the challenge of providing nutrition, school supplies and clothing for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the area. With the support of CSRAI, the Sisters have started and now maintain a vegetable garden, chicken coup which houses 250 chickens, two dairy cows and have also initiated a milk dispensary. All of these efforts provide income and food for the OVC in their care. However, these successes are somewhat overshadowed by the thousands of files they have on OVC's they are unable to care for. The stock in their school supply room is slowly dwindling and a decision was recently made to no longer open files for children they could not financially support, in order to prevent disappointment. That is why it is crucial that CSRAI and its donors continue to provide the funds needed to ensure the continuation and expansion of current income generation projects.

Tumaini garden project

Tumaini garden

Tumaini Chicken Coop
Tumaini Chicken Coop


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